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Melting Sex - The Pearl of Tantric Love-Making
24. Training (Module 2)

- The Tantric Union Ritual -

Experience in this advanced training how you can transform pleasure and passion into love and ecstasy. Be part of a group full of interesting and open-minded men! Experience the group as a catalyst and grow beyond your usual self!

GAY-TANTRA has a rich treasury of possibilities available to allow you to really enter into sex. In this training you learn how to enable more intimacy, ecstasy and spirituality to be present in your love life. This means developing and sharing a deep feeling of love both within and beyond classical relationship patterns. You can overcome old feelings of shame, shyness, guilt and restraint and immerse in love and bliss on the physical and spiritual planes.

Course and Contents:
Through body awareness, relaxation, movement and playful encounter you will arrive, gain self confidence and develop a sense of ease within the other men.

Meditation in the morning in bodily expression and silence will prepare you for the daily topics.

Creative trance will bring in contact with your vital strength. With the help of your voice and movement it will find its expression. That will raise your vitality – especially in your sexuality – and your potential of life.

You will enjoy a genital massage and learn, how to make your energetic peak point to a powerful, inner experience.

You learn the so-called 'Fire-Breath-Orgasm'. This enables you to direct your energy powerfully through the entire body during orgasm.

Anal and genital stimulation of orgasmic trigger points support you to wake up your full sexual potential and to set it free. The abundance of sensibility of your pelvis will be expanded and your sexual feelings will be increased (Multi Orgasmic Reactions - MORe 3; Film: GAY-TANTRA - The Gay Superorgasm).

We will deepen the experience of the 'Sexual Energy Massage' ritual: You will run the fire through the whole body and connect it to your ritual partner. You will immerse yourself in a common experience of sexual desire and energy.

You let yourself be carried by the energy created in the most varied love exercises. Sounds, mantras and mudras of mystical Tantra lead you to a conscious encounter with the spiritual dimension of our existence.

With the help of the 'Ritual of the Tantric Union', a soft internalised kind of love-making, you will learn to link profoundly to a partner in order to be yourself and, at the same time, to be with him. You will easily glide into something fluent – as if the boundaries of your body were widened.

Conversation, various massages, meditations and rituals will accompany and make the training perfect. They will give you a perspective of how to integrate GAY-TANTRA into your daily routine and how to make it more ecstatic.

First-time participants will receive upon registration the GAY-TANTRA Film 'Ritual and Sexual Ecstasy' and several other bonus material as downloads for free... for inspiration and joyful preparation.

Additionally available at the Seminar:
Book 'Tantra or The Art of Sexual Ecstasy' by Margot Anand, Goldmann-Verlag

The Biggest Tantra Energy-Sex Program (Module 2) is open to all men having prior completed a GAY-TANTRA Intensive Seminar or Training Module 1. If needed please talk prior to registration personally with Armin.

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Meditation & Tantra - GAY TANTRA

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gay tantra