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Adventure Iceland - Discover the Magic of the Elements
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A land of volcanic fire, washed by the icy North Sea. The infinite expanse of the earth in crystal clear air - here it becomes perceptible. In Iceland, where secret folks and hidden nature spirits could be at home in the barren and rugged landscape, we embark on our journey: We will get to know the spectacles of Icelandic nature, confront their powers and find the forces of fire, water, air and earth within ourselves.

When I spent a few hours on this legendary island in 2017 after an unscheduled layover, I immediately felt how the energy of the natural elements touched me directly. I would now like to share this experience with you.

Meet other tantric men at the end of the world, far away from tourist attractions, in the northwest of Iceland. In the seclusion of untouched nature, you will open up completely new worlds of experience. What message will the Island of Magical Beings hold for you? Express the primordial power of these powerful energies in the community of warm men. Take this vitality back into your everyday life and connect yourself at home with the fires of Iceland.

Procedure and contents
We start every day with the “Dynamic Meditation". It opens body, mind, soul and spirit, lays the foundation for extraordinary experiences. Afterwards, we have breakfast together in the silence.

In our community center, we go in the morning with various exercises on trace searches: Where do we find the four elements within us? Where do you discover fire and water, air and earth in your body, your actions, your thinking?

In the afternoon, I would like to meet together with you the four basic elements in the unspoilt landscape of Iceland - be open for extraordinary surprises!

In the evening hours, we celebrate meditations, massages and rituals, and enjoy the invigorating energy of tantric togetherness.

Conversation, healing sounds and intensive exchange teach you how to stay in touch with the power of the elements in your everyday life.

Meditation & Tantra - GAY TANTRA
Iceland, Iceland (Sauðárkrókur)

04.09.2019 - 11.09.2019