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Erotic Massage - The Sensual Touch
Massage Workshop

Unintentional physical contact is and feels good. It gives relaxation, energy, peace, the feeling of acceptance and appreciation. We need contact just as we need food to live. Without contact, we get a cold attitude in addition, become very lonely.

When people are touched with consciousness and devotion even the heart and soul is affected. Tension can be relieved and real closeness can develop. Consideration, attention, communi-
cation and the art of joining in create the necessary framework for it. Giving and receiving become one.

A careful implemented massage affects in different levels: It interrupts a continuous muscular tension and relieves harmful influences on the movement device. It improves the blood circulation of tissue and internal organs and last but not least it increases the mental well-being as well as the Libido.

With the erotic massage with different massage techniques the whole body is affected, caressed, massaged. The energy flow becomes alive, senses open, which sensitises the whole body. The receiver of the massage
is deeply relaxed but nevertheless very awake at the same time. The idea of tantra is that the whole human- being is affected including his genital organs. Feelings of sensuality and desire have their place here - finally this is an important source of our joy of life!

Course and contents:
Body perception, movement and encounter help to release the everyday life situations and to be popular in a group of men.

Active and calm meditation energizes the energy flow, sensitises skin and organs, in addition, prepares you to receive and give beneficial massages.

You learn step by step how to give and receive a sensual erotic whole body massage. You are educated in the art to enjoy erotic contact and to give this with devotion to a partner.

Discussion and the ability to exchange experience will point out how the learned massage is to be applied in your everyday life and how your life with GAY-TANTRA can positively be enhanced.

Recommended media:The DVD and other media can be ordered in our shop.

The attendance at the MassageWorkshop can later be credited to the certification GAY-TANTRA® Masseur.
This workshop can also be a base for advanced GAY-TANTRA Classic/Origin seminars and trainings that deepen and intensify the workshop experiences. Talk about that to the facilitator Armin C. Heining!
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