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Awakening of Body, Energies, Soul and Senses
Holiday Seminar [IT]

This one-week workshop at the Danciano retreat center just outside of Cortona, Tuscany was designed by Armin Heining of GAY-TANTRA™ International specifically for you as a man to promote your personal growth as well as healing your sexual and vital powers to bring you back into harmony and balance.

Consider the meaning of "holiday" – a time to stop the daily routine, to relax, to let go, to recharge with new strength and inspirations. In this playful but intensive workshop, various exercises will help you feel your body, soul, mind and spirit at a deeper level. You will get in touch with your sexuality, energies and emotions making you feel more energized, proud and self-confident while gaining long-lasting access to new levels of consciousness. Enjoy the holiday and experience life directly and uncomplicated!

Tuscany - known for its landscapes, traditions, history, artistic legacy and its influence on high culture - is traditionally a popular destination in Italy. Many towns and cities in Tuscany have great natural and architectural beauty.

Course and contents:
  • Each days start with active and silent meditation.
  • After breakfast a morning session follows with dance, movement, yoga, body-, breath- and energy work to take stress and tensions out of the body, wake up the erotic energy in the pelvis and connect in the so called "HeartWave" with a partner.
  • Afternoons are for your personal leisure: walking, expeditions to nearby Tuscan villages or just lying in the sun and being alone… Many things are possible at our place.
  • In the evening we will meet for massages, meditations and rituals, enjoying our gathering.
  • Conversations and discussions will help you to integrate your experiences with your everyday life at home, providing ideas for post-holidays practice and the ongoing inclusion of Tantra in your daily routine.

Meditation & Tantra - GAY TANTRA
Tuscany, Italy

19.05.2018 - 26.05.2018